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Bangabandhu Corner at Embassy

Bangabandhu Corner at the Embassy

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          Bangabandhu Corner is a place where books and memories of Bangabandhu are exhibited along with the present development trajectories of Bangladesh envisioned by Bangabandhu’s daughter Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. In addition, our vision of Bangabandhu Corner is to promote and disseminate the critical information of the sacrifices of Bangabandhu, his struggle for justice, establishment of democracy and rights of people plus the socio- economic achievement over the last few years under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina from a “bottomless basket” to a “land of opportunity” and economic miracle. The Bangabandhu Corner should involve varieties of stakeholders in organising seminars workshops, symposia, colloquia, film shows and the like. It should be vibrant in its activities. We have established Bangabandhu Corner in our Embassy here as like as all of our missions abroad including in our Ministry.

         Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is the name of an ideal, a philosophy, and of a realisation. He was one of the most courageous souls the world has ever produced, who was firmly committed and dedicated to his mission to free the country from oppression and subjugation. He placed humanity above all, and he always fought for people's rights as well as for their well-being. Bangabandhu dedicated his whole life to ensure people’s economic emancipation and build a “Sonar Bangla”- a ‘Golden Bengal’- an equitable, prosperous and just society.

         When Sheikh Mujibur Rahman alias Khoka was born on 17 March 1920 in Tungipara, Gopalganj in an aristocratic Muslim family, bringing joy and delight to the lives of his father Sheikh Lutfar Rahman and mother Saira Khatun, no one could have imagined that this boy would become a legendary figure, ‘people’s hero' and saviour of the Bengali nation.

         In the course of history, with his resolute sacrifice, fearless leadership, and patriotism- he became 'Bangabandhu' – a friend of Bengal and devoted his entire life to establish the rights of the common people, to serve the people and humanity. Bangabandhu always pursued the rights of the exploited and oppressed people, not only of Bangladesh but across the world as well.

         Bangabandhu not only dreamed of an independent nation-state named Bangladesh but also materialised their century-old dream of a Bengali nation- that is establishing an independent nation-state. Many political stalwarts, who came before and after Bangabandhu, tried to inspire the Bengali nation. But no one could awaken the Bengalis or unite the whole nation the way our Father of the Nation did. His charismatic and iconic leadership inspired them with the spirit of independence.

         The Father of the Nation was not only a visionary leader of the Bengali nation, but he was the epitome of democracy, secularism, peace, harmony, and tolerance. To establish the rights of the common people, he never resorted to violence. Throughout his life, he chose the path of peace during all his political campaigns, all his political movements. For these ideals of his, he was in and out of jail and spent over 13 years in confinement sacrificing his personal comfort. His family was deprived of his company. His children grew up without seeing their father much. He was imprisoned day after day, year after year, but he did not ever express any regrets or complained against it. During his whole political life, he was actively involved in all the movements for the autonomy of the Bengalis, but all were carried out peacefully and legally.

         After the independence of Bangladesh, Bangabandhu set up the bedrock of the foreign policy framework that was based on his ideals of peace and tolerance and thus ingrained a culture of peace into our foreign policy fundamentals. If you look at Bangladesh, you will notice that Bangladesh is pursuing a balanced and friendly foreign policy towards all the countries of the world. It has no adversaries, no foes in the international arena. It is because Bangabandhu designed the Foreign Policy of Bangladesh and its dictum is, “Friendship to all, malice towards none.”

         It is truly our lifetime opportunity that we are being able to be a part of the celebration of two historic events-- golden Jubilee of Bangladesh Independence and the Birth Centenary of the Father of the Nation. Under the prudent guidance of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the National Committee and the National Implementation Committee have been involved in the whole celebration process since mid-2019. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, along with all the Bangladesh Missions abroad, has joined in the celebration process across the globe with a view to disseminating the glorious history of Bangabandhu and Bangladesh.

         Bangabandhu became envoy of world peace, through his vision, his policies and his works. He, therefore, extended unwavering support to the anti-colonial struggle in the world. He firmly believed in democratic rights and social justice as the cornerstone for building a peaceful world. Bangabandhu always adopted non-violence as a way of life and, as a consequence, he was awarded the Julio Curie Peace Prize on 23 May 1973- an international recognition for his outstanding contribution not only for the Bangalees or Bangladesh but also for the peace of the exploited and oppressed people of the world. Our Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in his UNGA speech in 1974 said, “Peace is imperative for the survival of humanity. It represents the deepest aspirations of men and women throughout the world.”

         Bangabandhu's policy and his struggle, perseverance and sacrifice had inspired us, and it is still and will continue to encourage and motivate us, particularly the young generation, to follow his path of peace and harmony.

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