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Endorsements, Attestations and Power of Attorney

Endorsements, Attestations and Power of Attorney

Applicants for endorsements i.e. attestation of academic certificates, marriage or divorce certificate, statement of date of birth, certificate for transfer of dead body, alive certificate, driving license, renewal of driving license, transfer of residency certificate / power of attorney PLEASE KEEP A PHOTOCOPY OF YOUR DOCUMENTS IN A SAFE PLACE before submitting to the Consular Wing of the Bangladesh Embassy. Please read the instruction thoroughly from top to bottom.


  • Please submit the following documents along with the application for attestation / Power of Attorney (in person or by mail):
  1. Filled in application form for attestation of document/ attestation of Power of Attorney (Form–C), 1 (one) copy
  2. Fees for each document, $ 44.00 (REGULAR – 2-5 working days), $ 82.50 (URGENT – one working day/ same day), in the form of money order/cashier check payable to Embassy of Bangladesh. Cash or personal check is not accepted.
  3. Original Document and photocopy of the original document
  4. In case of any property related document, Proof of property ownership (Copy of mutation, succession/deed- RS, CS & BS)
  5. 2 (two) photographs of principals (power giver) and 2 (two) photographs of the attorney (power receiver) are to be attached for verification by the Embassy. Photographs (both i.e. principal and attorney) must be passport size, colour with white background, taken recently within the last six months.
  6. Photocopies of the valid / expired hand-written Bangladesh Passport (1–7 pages) OR Machine Readable Passport (1-3 pages)
  7. Any US photo ID such as Drivers License.
  8. Copy of court order in case of name change.

**Please keep in mind, Embassy doesn't produce any power of attorney papers. The applicants have to prepare the documents by themselves as per their requirement and attach the photos in proper place. They will sign in front of the consular officer which will be verified/ attested by the Embassy.

Procedures for obtaining Attestation of Documents/Power of Attorney from Bangladesh Embassy, Washington DC.

  • Appear in Person: Power of Attorney or Attestation of any document such as a power of attorney (relating to sale/purchase of land in Bangladesh, transfer/purchase/sale of shares, withdrawal of money/ pension from bank, etc.) executed (signed) by any expatriate Bangladeshi national (in favor of a relative or a friend residing in Bangladesh), the executants is required to Appear In Person before the Consular Officer at the Bangladesh Embassy in Washington DC to put signature in front of the officer. For multiple signatories of a document, the same rule applies for all, i.e. all signatories are required to appear in person at the Embassy to put signature.
  • Unable to appear in person: If the executants(s) /signatory(is) of a power of attorney is/are unable to appear in person the following three steps have to be followed with regard to the submission of the document to get it attested by this embassy:

First Step: Notarization by a Notary Public;

Second Step: Authentication of Commission of the Notary Public by the Office of the Secretary of the State of the executants’ local state. To know the procedure of getting attestation from Individual State's Office, the applicant may contact respective State Government.

Third Step: Authentication by the US Department of State When the documents are mailed to the US Department of State, the applicant is required to send the papers needed by the Embassy of Bangladesh (Duly filled in forms, money order and return postage) and provide an envelope addressed to Bangladesh Embassy. The applicant may write a note so that once the US Department of State completes its attestation; they can mail the document to Bangladesh Embassy. (For details on the procedure for authentication, please visit the web site of the US Department of State. The authentication Department of the US Department of State is located at 518 23rd Street NW, State Annex-1 Columbia Plaza, Washington DC 20520, Phone: 202-647-5002).


a. Bangladesh Mission may endorse a document authenticated by Authentication Department of the US Department of State (Please see below for details).

b. Documents issued from Bangladesh have to be attested first by the Consular Section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dhaka, Bangladesh, before it can be attested / endorsed by the Mission.

Please Note: Consular endorsement with signature of the Consular Officer shall be affixed at the page of the document against the signature of the US Notary/Authentication Officer of the US Department of the State. However, Mission’s round seal shall be affixed on each page of the document provided they bear the emboss or endorsement of the US Notary.

  • Bangladesh Documents: For attestation, any document originating in Bangladesh (like marriage certificate, birth certificate, police clearance, etc.) must contain the attestation of the Consular Section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dhaka.
  • US Documents: Likewise, any document originating in the USA (certificate of incorporation, tax return, etc.) must have the authentication by the US Department of State. For such authentication, please visit the website of the US Department of State. Please also see para-2 for details on authentication by the US State Department. Applicant should provide a cover-letter from the concerned company/organization in their letterhead pad in mentioning that what purpose of use, the document in Bangladesh and what kind of document is this.
  • Endorsement/Attestation of Educational Certificates (Form–C):

(a) Academic certificate submitted for Mission's endorsement without the Consular Attestation of the Ministry of Foreign affairs, Dhaka will be referred to the issuing authority in Bangladesh for verification.

(b) The Mission will not endorse unofficial English translation of academic certificates unless the consular Section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dhaka, duly attests it. English rendering of SSC, HSC and Graduation and Post-Graduation Certificates are made available by the issuing authority in Bangladesh.

  • Endorsement/Attestation of Translated Document (Form–C): Translated copies of Marriage Certificate (Nikah Nama), Court Order, Affidavit etc. must be duly attested by the Consular Section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dhaka if they are to be endorsed by the Mission.
  • Alive Certificate (Form–C): Alive Certificate required by Pensioners is issued free of charge. The pensioners are to produce a notarized affidavit to the effect that he/she is alive. May call the Embassy for Specimen copy.
  • Statement on Date of Birth (Form–C): The Mission may endorse birth Certificate issued by Municipal Corporation/ Union Parishad in Bangladesh provided the Consular Section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dhaka, duly attested it. Otherwise, we will issue a Statement on Date of Birth on the basis of Bangladesh Passport or school leaving certificate. Please enclose notarized copy of first seven pages of your Bangladesh Passport or copy of the school-leaving certificate duly attested by the Consular Section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dhaka.
  • Renewal of Driver's License (Form–C): Bangladesh driving license submitted for renewal will be referred to the issuing authority in Bangladesh before it can be renewed. A consular fee @ $22.00 for each year of renewal will be charged for this service.
  • Transfer of Residence (Form–C): When a Bangladeshi born US citizen/Bangladeshi citizen wishes to return permanently to Bangladesh after staying at least two years at a stretch in USA, he/she can request for a certificate on transfer of residence. However, to get the certificate the applicant must provide documents stating proof of his/her continuous stay of minimum two years in USA. The following would be accepted as proof of residence:
  1. Photocopies Bangladesh Machine Readable Passport’s 1-3 pages OR old hand-written Passport (page 1-7);
  2. Employment record and/or other proof of continuous stay (i.e., lease agreement of residence).
  • Certificate for Transfer of Dead Body to Bangladesh:

Please submit the following documents to Bangladesh Embassy through mail/e-mail (scan copy, PDF format):

1. Photocopies of Bangladesh Machine Readable Passport (1-3 pages) or old hand-written Passport (page 1-7), and in case of not holding Bangladeshi Passport, please provide copy of US passport with NVR/Bangladeshi NID/Bangladeshi Birth Certificate;

2. Death Certificate from the authority’s concerned;

3. Letter of non-communicable disease;

4. To get the urgent response, scanned copies (PDF format) of above-mentioned documents are requested to send to the following email address of the consular wing- consular.bdusa@gmail.com

5. For providing death certificate, consular service is open for 24 hours even in holiday. After office hours or during holidays, Embassy can be contacted with the following emergency number- +1 202-740-6305

6. To receive the original copy of death certificate within the USA please send the return envelope with address of the recipients through USPS prepaid certified/priority mail/express priority mail. In case of service from outside the USA, the self-addressed envelope should be preferably Prepaid DHL OR Prepaid FedEx.

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All persons wishing to submit applications for the consular services should visit the Embassy’s webpage for checklists and application specific instructions/requirements. All applications being mailed to the Embassy should be sent and addressed to:

For services related to Power of Attorney, any type of Attestation, Death/ Alive Certificate, Birth Certificate etc.:

Embassy of Bangladesh
Attention: Consular Wing
3510 International Drive NW
Washington, DC-20008

Service by mail

  • In case of services within USA, the self addressed return envelope must be a prepaid / Certified / Express mail of USPS Flat rate with tracking number.
  • In case of service from/to outside USA, the self addressed envelope should preferably be Prepaid DHL or any other prepaid mailing service except FedEx.
  • For both instances, return envelope must be prepaid. No ‘Account Number’ OR ‘Credit Card Number’ shall be accepted.