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Citizens of most countries require a valid visa to enter Bangladesh. The Embassy of Bangladesh in Washington, DC, USA determines the type and category of visa and duration of stay upon receiving an application. The types and categories differ according to the purpose of visit, length of stay and bilateral arrangements with the country of the foreign national. The United States nationals may get visa on arrival to travel to Bangladesh. The United States nationals along with foreign nationals residing in the USA can apply for a Visa at the Embassy of Bangladesh in Washington, DC. Five other countries namely Belize, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Guyana, and Haiti are also accredited to this mission.  The Embassy issues only “New Visa”, not extension of visa.  With supporting documents from the local sponsor in Bangladesh and police clearance certificate, visa could be extended by the Department of Immigration and Passport (DIP), Dhaka, Bangladesh.  Applicants must provide their email address on the application form to get updates of the applications.

Please note that the validity of the visa begins from the date of issue by the Embassy and not from the date of travel, which you put on your application form.

Bangladeshi origin foreign nationals (except SAARC countries), their children and spouse are eligible to obtain No Visa Required (NVR) in their foreign passports to enter Bangladesh multiple times during the entire validity of their passport.


  1. E-visa has not yet been introduced by the Government of Bangladesh. 
  2. Please Fulfill the Basic Requirements, which are applicable for All Categories of Visas.
  3. Applicants may submit their visa applications in person by walk-in. In case the applicant is unable to submit his/her application in person, an authorized nominee or travel agent or visa agent can submit the visa application on the applicant’s behalf with a letter of authorization.
  4. Service by Mail: Applicants may send their applications by mail. If so, the applicant must provide a self-addressed return envelope (prepaid/with appropriate postage stamps) and tracking number of Priority/Express Mail of USPS only. Applicants (not more than two) belonging to the same mailing address can send their applications together in one envelope and enclose one return envelope. The Embassy does not accept FedEx/UPS as Return Envelope for returning the passport to the applicant.
  5. When applying for a visa, the validity of Passport should be at least 6 months. The passport must have at least two blank pages and should not be mutilated/damaged/tampered in any manner.
  6. Acceptance of visa application does not automatically guarantee the issuance of a visa. Visa may be granted, modified, or refused by the Embassy in its full right. 
  7. An incomplete application form or application with incorrect information or insufficient supporting papers may be summarily rejected. 
  8. The Visa processing fee is non-refundable even if the visa is refused.
  9. Certain visa categories go through a closer examination requiring additional administrative processing through other departments or agencies and the Embassy cannot expedite these additional steps.
  10. The Embassy reserves the right to withhold any application for closer scrutiny. Applicants may be called for an interview if it is felt necessary by the competent authority.
  11. It is strongly advised that the applicants do not make any travel arrangements (e.g. purchase of flight tickets) before obtaining the visa. The Embassy cannot, in any circumstance, be held responsible for any applications against which visa is not issued in time for your intended date of departure.
  12. The usual processing time for a visa is 10 working days. The processing time may vary on a case-by-case basis. For example, the issuance may be delayed in cases which require clearance from the Ministry of Home Affairs in Dhaka.
  13. The Embassy issues a new visa only. There is no extension of visa from this Embassy. If the applicant needs an extension of visa, it could be extended from the Department of Immigration and Passport (DIP), Dhaka with a letter from the local sponsor and a police clearance certificate.

Mailing Address:

Embassy of Bangladesh
Attention: VISA

3510 International Drive, NW
Washington, DC 20008, USA

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Basic Requirements for all category of Visa
Visa Processing Fee

Visa processing fees are applicable for nationals of other countries

Please note that after scrutiny of documents, the Embassy may request for an interview and/or submission of additional documents. Issuance of visa may be delayed if it requires clearance from Dhaka.

On-Arrival Visa: Those holding Passports of the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Russian Federation, China, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Egypt, Turkey, Brunei, and EU (European Union) countries in Europe and travelling to Bangladesh for purposes of official work (type A, A1, A2 & D)/diplomatic assignment/business/investment/tourism, could get a visa on arrival. The immigration authorities at the international airports and land ports in Bangladesh are authorized to issue an on-arrival visa if they are satisfied with the required documents of the applicants.  This visa will be issued for a maximum of 30-days with a single entry.

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Tracking of the Submitted Application:  https://bdembassyusatracking.org/  (Please do not track the status at https://www.visa.gov.bd/)    Notice on Visa for further communications

You may browse following web-link of the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh before departure for Bangladesh from abroad:  http://caab.gov.bd/covid19f.html

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