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No Visa Required (NVR) for Travel to Bangladesh


  • Foreign citizens (except SAARC countries) of Bangladeshi origin along with their spouse and children are eligible for the endorsement of “NVR (No Visa Required) to Travel to Bangladesh" in their foreign passports.
  • Citizens other than those of the USA must submit proof of residence in the USA (Resident Permit /Work-Permit /Valid Visa, etc.).
  • Foreign citizens having investment in Bangladesh worth USD 5 (five) million is also eligible to receive NVR.


  • The ‘No Visa Required for Travel to Bangladesh’ endorsement is valid as long as the passport remains valid on which it is affixed.
  • The person can enter Bangladesh as many times as he/she wishes and can stay there without any time restriction within the validity period of the passport.
  • As per the circular of the Government, NVR is valid as long as the passport on which it is stamped remains valid. While applying for NVR, please do not send a copy of your previous NVR.


  1. Please complete this NVR Application Form (Fillable PDF), then print and send/submit the hard copy to the Embassy with the required documents.
  2. A passport-sized color photograph with white background taken within the last six months (attach with glue on the box of top-right corner of the form);
  3. Original US passport (including photocopy of the photo and information page);
  4. As a proof of Bangladeshi origin, a photocopy of Bangladeshi valid/expired passport (photo and information page of MRP/Page 1-5 of handwritten passport) or Dual Nationality Certificate (DNC) or NID or Birth Registration Certificate (BRC) or citizenship certificate issued by union parishad or city corporation in Bangladesh;

 a) In case of foreign spouse, any one of the above-mentioned documents of the spouse of Bangladeshi origin and photocopy of the marriage certificate with notarized affidavit/declaration on its unbroken status.

 b) In case of child, any one of the above-mentioned documents of at least one parent and the photocopy of birth certificate that contains the name of the parent of Bangladeshi origin;

5. A photocopy of any court or official order in case of a name change. However, in case of women adding their husband's name as suffix, please attach a photocopy of marriage certificate.

Previous copy of NVR is not accepted as a proof of origin.

Please do not send an original copy of any document except the passport on which NVR will be stamped.

The recent trend shows that a huge number of applicants are sending their applications without attaching the required Bangladeshi official document (photocopy of old passport or DNC or NID or BRC), thus failing to give adequate proof of their Bangladeshi origin. The incomplete applications are being rejected and sent back to the applicants for re-submission with the required documents.

Fees: $50.00 (Fifty US Dollar) payable to the “Embassy of Bangladesh’’ in the form of Money Order/Cashier Check/Official Check (not older than 30 days). Cash/Personal Check/Credit Card/online payment will not be accepted. In case of more than one applications submitted together, a separate payment has to be made for each applicant. 

NO REFUNDS: Fees, once received by the Embassy, cannot be refunded, even if the application is withdrawn or service cannot be rendered.

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Service by Mail: Applicants may send their application by mail. If so, the applicant must provide a self-addressed return envelope (prepaid/with appropriate postage stamps) and tracking number of Priority/Express Mail of USPS only. Each applicant should, preferably, send the application in one envelope. In case of the applicants having same address, not more than two applicants should send their applications in one envelope. 

Mailing Address:

Embassy of Bangladesh
Attention: NVR
3510 International Drive NW
Washington, DC 20008

Processing time for NVR

10 working days. However, it may vary in some cases due to unavoidable reasons. For example, the issuance may be delayed in cases which require clearance from the Ministry of Home Affairs in Dhaka.

PLEASE NOTE: After scrutiny of documents, the Embassy may request, if necessary, for an in-person interview and/or submission of additional documents.

The Embassy may accept or reject any application for NVR.

Tracking of the Application: https://bdembassyusatracking.org/

Please browse the following web-link of the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh before departure for Bangladesh from abroad:


If you like, you may check whether you are eligible to receive Visa on Arrival at the port of entry in Bangladesh by following this link: http://www.bdembassyusa.org/index.php?page=visa-on-arrival

Further Enquiry:

Email: washdc.nvr@gmail.com


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