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Research Visa
Basic Requirements


Visa Fee

Who are eligible to apply:

An individual who is participating in research/training/internship program in any government approved agency/organization in Bangladesh, he /she is eligible to apply for Research visa.

The eligible person of this category of visa, who has:

a.    Letters from the concerned Institution of both ends mentioning the applicant’s position, passport number, duration of stay, purpose of visit in Bangladesh;

b.    A consent letter of the concerned Ministry in Bangladesh in favor of the applicant.

Duration of visa:

A Research "R" Visa may be issued for a maximum of three (03) months with single, double, or multiple entries. Duration of stay in this category is maximum 90 days in each visit.

Extension of visa:

With recommendation from the concerned organization or the Ministry and clearance from the Special Branch of Police (SB) and National Security Intelligence (NSI), visa could be extended by the “Department of Immigration and Passport” (DIP), Dhaka, Bangladesh up to three (03) years.

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