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Tourist Visa
Basic Requirements


Visa Fee

Who are eligible to apply:

A foreigner who wants to visit Bangladesh for the purpose of tourism or casual visit to meet friends & relatives or to join in a private seminar/conference/workshop/study tour or religious purpose etc. They are eligible to apply for tourist visas. Except for the purposes mentioned in the application, no other activity is permissible on a tourist visa.

A hotel booking confirmation or a letter of invitation with appropriate contact details of the host is required. If the host belongs to any official/business entity, the invitation must be written on an official or business letterhead pad; otherwise, a copy of the NID of the host must be attached with the application.

Duration of visa:

A Tourist "T" Visa may be issued for maximum three (03) months with a single entry or double entries or multiple entries for each duration of stay for 30–90 days.

Extension of visa:

Extension up to one (01) month could be obtained from the "Department of Immigration and Passport" (DIP) in Bangladesh.

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